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ALIGN T-Rex 600 Nitro DFC Super Combo

3D Model Description
The model contains the following components:
- The Low CG DFC main rotor assembly includes: the metal main rotor housing, rotor holders, blade grip arms, grip arm with integrated control linkages, Linkage rods, etc.
- The DFC CCPM metal swashplate, designed specifically for the DFC rotorhead system, etc.
- Align main blades 600 and tail blades 95 carbon fiber. All the blades are equiped for the night flight.
- For representing the engine, I have made the "O.S. 55HZ-H Hyper" engine with the "O.S. PowerBoost II 55" muffler.
- The electronic equipment includes the AC-3X FBL unit, Align B6T 2In1 voltage regulator, Align digital servos DS615 and DS655 and the Thunder Power RC G8 Pro Lite battery.
- The tail rotor with newly designed upgrades, such as the tail drive transmission box, carbon fiber tail pushrod, tail pitch assembly, etc.

3D Model by OneEyeJack
Color Scheme by OneEyeJack
Physics by Kyle Stacy

Special thanks to Kyle Stacy for his estimated work on the flight physics!
Special thanks to Johnny31297 for his help about the FBL unit.
Thanks to trex600ndfc for the quality pictures of his T-rex 600N DFC.
And finally, thanks to all the "Thread users" for supporting me on the project.

Animated starter coupling, clutch gear, clutch bell and metal fan.
Animated main drive and autorotation tail drive gears, front/rear tail rotor gears, etc.
Custom Align CF 600 and CF 95 blades, equipped for the night flying.
Canopy release with the "Channel 6 - Knob".

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