Align T-Rex 800E DFC_EA

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Align T-Rex 800E DFC Trekker

- Length: 1490mm
- Height: 400mm
- Main Blade Length: 800mm
- Main Rotor Diameter: 1780mm
- Tail Rotor Diameter: 301mm
- Motor Drive Gear:12T
- Main Drive Gear:112T
- Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T
- Tail Drive Gear: 22T
- Drive Gear Ratio: 1:9.33:4.73
- Flying Weight: 5400g

Animated Main motor Align RCM-BL8500MX 490kV and Gears 12/112/104/22T.
Custom Align Main blades 800 CF and Tail blades 115 CF.
Channel 6 (Knob) release the canopy.

I do not own the T-Rex 800E and I am not familiar with its flight performance.
So, I made a basic flight physics. To improve the physics, depends on you ...

Have fun!

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