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THIS AIRPORT NEEDS MANUAL FILE REPLACEMENT TO WORK CORRECTLY! Please follow this link for the files and instructions: https://forums.realflight.com/showthread.php?t=21464. This is Area 51! This is very accurate to the real place. This airport is designed to fly with chase or cocpit views, but fixed position is pretty good to. This airport also has a very long runway so you can take-off, taxi, land, and stop full scale aircraft on the runway. This airport is specialy built for larger sized aircraft and fullscale. But it's all up to you. I tried to make 'UFO's' but they don't look real in the daytime. There is also a 'bomb pit' filled with alot of bombs and there is even some near underground 'uranium silos'. Also, there is fuel tanks and some full scale aircraft in hangers. There is also 10 pilot Spaws (3 Helicopter spawns and 7 aircraft spawns)! You can also lanch from one of the UFO's!
The runways are fully lighted and have runway light trees at the end (only some have runway light trees).

At night a few things change...
Firstly, the UFO's are lighted up and look a bit realer than in the day. Also its alot easier to land. Finally, when you are high up you can see the entire airport.

Add-ons pack 1 for G4
Add-ons pack 2 for G4
If you don't have the add-ons for G4 only the fuel tanks, fullscale aircraft (in scene), hangers, afew buildings, and a UFO (not the one that you can lanch off of) will dissapear.

Notes: On some computers the number of frames will go down until RPM is at its full capacity but, once you have go the RPM to full, this will not happen again unless you reset the aircraft, change the airports to another than change it back or go in and out of the simulator. This problem stops after you use the aircraft in the same airport alot (I don't know if this will work on other systems, but it works on mine).

PS: There is going to be a version 2 soon (once all the Add-ons are out :p)!

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