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B-1B (GBUI-31-18) 7.5 with visual enhancements
Originally Posted by MWILSON914

* Afterburners with smoke & sound - Sw 5 down - will not engage until engine(s) spool up to at least 70,000 RPM - disengage at the same.

* Auto Wing Sweep ( speed sensitive) - have rotary knob CW @ takeoff

* Auto Gear up/down @ ~ 100 MPH ( Ch. 7 sw. forward)
* Auto Flap Up/Down as above

* When on the ground with Ch. 7 Sw back, the wings can be folded back for storage using the rotary knob (ccw)
The Flaps if down will automatically go up - don't want them damaged)

* Ch. 8 Sw Back- Flaps Down; Forward - Bomb drop ; Middle Off

* Brakes with Down elevator

* At high speed, you may notice some air turbulence at the fuselage and wings.

* If you look close, you can see air entering the Engine intakes.

This variant requires:

B-1B (GBU-31x18)_EA