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B-1B Lancer for Realflight 6

For Realflight 6
Version 6.00.025 or above

This model has had a few physical tweaks to correct a shading error on the bottom engine nacelles. The JSOW has also been removed from the rear bomb bay and replaced with 6 GBU-31 Mk 84 bombs. The middle bomb bay has an additional two bombs which brings the total bomb count to 12, hence (GBUx12).

The pilots were removed from the cockpit on this version to accomodate the additional polygons required for more bombs.

This B-1B Lancer has not been tested in any other previous version of Realflight, so it's flight characteristics or other behavior might be different than it's intended defined properties for Realflight 6. Realflight 6 must be updated to the latest version to take advantage of the bombs forward momentum when released.

Deleted previous upload from earlier today. This avoids anyone needing to perform the work around to create the .dds files in high resolution.

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