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Rockwell Space Shuttle Orbiter

This model comes with automatically detachable external tank and SRBs (solid rocket boosters). The EA is losely based off of a real world radio controlled rocket launched space shuttle known affectionately as the "UHS Space Shuttle."

I had originally intended to keep it the same scale as the UHS space shuttle and give it the flight characteristics witnessed in the videos found on the web. However after playing with the various pre-finalized versions, I needed more airtime and so the physics were modified to have longer flights. This however requires the binoculars to be used in the sim to keep an eye on the shuttle's whereabouts and orientation so that you may return to the ground safely.

The way this shuttle works is by starting out at the spawn point with the 3 position switch in the middle location, both channel 5 and 7 switches in the down position. Before launch, flip the channel 5 switch up to retract the landing gears (the landing gears automatically stay down despite switch position.) When ready to launch flip the channel 7 switch up and modify the slow roll onto the back with the elevator control for a more realistic flight.

The external tank and SRBs detach automatically from the channel 7 switch.

Glide the shuttle unpowered back to earth with the right stick elevator and aileron controls. After touch down flip the 3 position switch in the down-most position to initiate the dual purpose rudder airbrakes into the airbrake position.

Most of all have fun with this model. I continue to play with this model everytime I get the chance to get on Realflight. This is probably my favorite model I have created to date.

Model by: Matthew Wilson
Physics by: Matthew Wilson with help and suggestion by csgill75 (Chris Gill)
CS by: Matthew Wilson with the help of NASA's database of pictures on the web.

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