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Super Awesome RC Jet

This is meant as an apology to everyone for my recent EA's which aren't based off real world RC aircraft.

As a token of my apology, I've created this fantastic model for all to enjoy. It is based off a foam hand launched EDF jet, which I double-checked, do actually exist in the real world. So, does the USAF, which I themed for the colorscheme.

I did add a camera to the cockpit so you can fly front seat and enjoy the animated steering wheel. I realize some people, which support an FAA sought ban on FPV flying in the hobby, do not like camera views in the cockpit. I expect to be rated poorly for this feature. I know some people just don't realize this basic technology exists for the common man and think this magic cannot exist in the real world.


It took this long for a lower rating? Seriously? If one thing is for certain, this model isn't worth the 10 or the 5 as rated to date. Well maybe the 5 because the wings aren't all that incredibly bad looking, and the physics aren't just used from another vehicle, but no one wants to step up to post a lower rating on my model because they would have to leave a comment. Really? I think it would be funny to find this thing loaded up with critical statements.

I know people here can be capable of cruelty beyond imagination, so leaving an honest critique of a joke model shouldn't be that difficult. It has a old style boat steering wheel that doesn't even have round handles for Pete's sake!

The 5 rater doesn't bother me. I would rate this file a 1 if I could, but I can't rate my own files. I'm glad someone likes it, but I still don't know why anyone would. It was a joke.

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