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BD-5TP for G5.5
The Turbo Prop version of the BD-5
I know its been awhile coming but i have finally gotten around to finishing the BD-5TP Flight Physics to the point where i think it flies both well and realistically.I hope everyone enjoyes it and please feel free to post any comments you have regarding improvements.

Top Right Switch=Retracts
Front Rotary Knob=Flaps
Front Left 2 Pos Switch=Dual Rates
Top Left 3 Pos Switch=Canopy and Smoke
Far Pos = Canopy Open
Middle Pos = Canopy Closed,Smoke Off
Near Pos = Canopy Closed,Smoke On
Brakes are on down Elevator

3D Model : Mark(Inky00)England
Colourscheme: Mark(Inky00)England
Flight Physics: Mark(Inky00)England

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