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The Rans S-9 Chaos is an American single-engined, tractor configuration, single-seat, mid-wing monoplane designed by Randy Schlitter as an inexpensive aerobatic aircraft
that will allow sportsman competition aerobatics to be flown or even advanced aerobatics if inverted fuel and oil systems are installed,the S9 Chaos is manufactured by
Rans Inc.
The Chaos is available in kit form for amateur construction, estimated build time 500 man-hours.
Production of the S-9 was ended as part of Rans' reorganization of its product line on 1 June 2006, after having been available for 20 years,
but the S-9 was reintroduced in about 2009 and is again available.

Controls set for Interlink-X
Smoke on Channel 7
Canopy open on Channel 9
Brakes on up Elevator.
Working Flightstick, Rudder Pedals, Instrument Panel Gauges and Navigation Lights.

Special thanks to all on the forums for the support and assistance during this model build.

Model made in 3DSMAX, by asj5547
Physics by asj5547
Color Scheme by PilotAt6.