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The B-58 was a spectacular aircraft in almost every regard, elegant with its long, slender, wasp-waisted fuselage and its clean delta wing, sporting four J79 engines, with the inner pair on long swept-forward pylons and the outer pair on short stub pylons. All but the first seven B-58s were fitted with J79-GE-5A or -5B turbojets, with 4,400 kilograms (9,700 pounds) dry thrust and 7,075 kilograms (15,600 pounds) afterburning thrust. Most earlier B-58s were retrofitted with these engines.

The whole impression was of a very big fighter jet. This was emphasized by the seating arrangement, which was much more like that of a fighter than a bomber. There were three crew members, including pilot, bombardier-navigator, and defense systems operator (DSO), with each sitting in his own individual enclosure in tandem, accessed by separate clamshell doors on top of the fuselage. (Description info taken from

Original EA created by Matthew J. Wilson (mwilson914)

I can't thank the members of the KE forum enough for helping me make this EA possible. The advice from everyone in my thread entitled "My very first 3DS Max model", cannot go unnoticed. Without their assistance it would have taken me much longer than 3 months to upload this beast. :)

Many many thanks to all of you.

***P.S. I know the cockpit interior is lacking. I forgot the yellow tape which stated "Under Construction"

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