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The F4U Corsair, Bayou Baby, has been through some real scrapes of late. The war wages on and Betty's got some bruises to show for it. She's been shot at, shot up, but never shot down.

I've marred that beautiful exterior of the original Bayou Baby to give her some wear and tear, and some bullet holes. This is part of my Corsair_Bat1 collection. Please see my variance Corsair Bat1_AV to get guns and fire. That along with this CS adds an awful lot of realism, and with both you're now ready to go up against those P51s with guns!!!

Hope you enjoy this. Please rate my work honestly.

The screen shots below depict Bayou Baby rolling in for a strafing run, rolling out at complete, then taking AA and catching fire before setting down...

This color scheme requires:

corsair from Add-Ons 1

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