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The Curtiss Jenny as an Air Ambulance, circa 1920….

This Jenny is detached from Naval Air Station San Diego, and serving with The Marines in Port Au Prince Haiti (and Panama, and Nicaragua, etc etc)

During the “lul” between the Word Wars, Marines were the only US force gaining valuable combat experience Central America and the Caribbean…In the Banana Wars they pioneered the concepts of Dive Bombing, Close Air Support, and in this Paint Scheme, medical evacuation from the battlefield….

As always, Marines rely on NAVY MEDICAL CORPSMAN to keep us alive……

Old “Doc” is a Hard-Charger, out in the mud and humping the hills with us every step of the way, and then some…so I included the Naval Hospital and USN Caduceus on the fuselage along with the Marine Aviation emblem of that era….

“8404” is the M.O.S for a Navy Corpman.

“Tougher than a Sailor, Smarter than a Marine!”

(Ha Ha, just noticed this Jarhead misspelled "ambulance" LOL!!)

Aint that the truth!

Semper Fi, Doc!

As always many thanks to Technoid for the fabulous original EA and Paint scheme that make these variations possible.

This color scheme requires:

Curtiss JN4-D2 Jenny_EA

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