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Near the end of World War I Curtiss had just finished building one prototype of an improved JN4D called the JN4D2 and was getting ready to go into production. But the war ended so they canceled the production at all the assembly plants except the Liberty Iron Works of Sacramento, CA. where they built 100 JN4-D2's with one notable change from the Curtiss Prototype, it did not have the down thrust for the engine. So this extremely rare version is what I modeled, the Curtiss JN4-D2 Jenny.

The Jenny is all about wires and the Curtiss JN4-D2 Jenny I'm releasing has a full set of wires so it's Jenny in all her glory. But I've been asked to release a reduced set of wires version too so I'm also releasing the Curtiss JN4 Jenny, it's the same plane but with a reduced set of wires. So take your pick, or grab both they're the same but for some less is more so I released both.

NOTE: The model was created in RF 7.5 but works equally well in RF 6.5 and RF 7.5 but does not support RF-X at this time. I used all the polygons allowed to create the model and didn't have the resources left to create the collision mesh required for RF-X.


Smoke: Channel 7
Brakes On: CH 8 3 position switch Away From You. (Only 15%)
Brakes Off: CH 8 3 position switch Towards You or Center Position.

In both the Instructor and Student view the stick, foot bar, and throttle lever follow the flight controls. You will also notice the view camera moves with the flight controls to improve the flying experience. Try the Cinema Cam for a unique perspective while flying in a 3D Field.


F4 - Cinema Cam
F5 - Instructor
F6 - Plane Front
F7 - Plane Left
F8 - Plane Right
F9 - Student

Model Design: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid
Physics Design: technoid and doug schluter
Fun Factor: Jenny the American Sweetheart

I need to give credit to DHK79 for the cool normal map he created for the Bristol F2b I used his style on the Jenny and it looks great.

And a special thanks goes to doug schluter, BrokeDad, and legoman for testing the prototypes and giving feedback to fix problems.

I also want to thank all the guys on the developer forum they always leave great comments that help me improve my models.

doug schluter
uncle twist
Maj. Numbskully
adrenoline 60

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