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Another old picture I found online was the inspiration for this colorscheme….

Like many early pilots, Bill Lindley learned to fly in the Army during WW1

After soloing, the (very) good Student Pilot became an Instructor Pilot, with the 312th Aero Squadron, and bought a Surplus Jenny as soon as the war was over.

As an Early Aviation Privateer, he ran a sightseeing and passenger service at his “Daytona Beach Flying School”….

On May 6, 1922 the Local Paper published a picture of his Jenny…. floating in the surf just off the beach, with the story…

"Bill Lindley took off toward the Main St. Pier with his passenger Mrs. C.W. Adams, of Detroit, MI. His engine lost power, he banked toward the ocean to avoid the pier, and the engine quit. He pancaked into the ocean. Little damage was done to the plane until the stress of the waves snapped the fuselage behind the pilot's cockpit. Mrs. Adams' cool attitude gained her the helmet and goggles she had worn, as a souvenier"

Just another day in the life of a true Aviation Pioneer

Hope you enjoy this little tribute to him, and make sure your Normals Maps are set to “yes” for the best view of his trusty steed….

And of course many thanks to Technoid for his terrific EA and colorscheme that made it possible for Bill Lindley to fly again!!

This color scheme requires:

Curtiss JN4-D2 Jenny_EA
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