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The Curtiss JN4 Jenny was the most popular airplane of the 1920's...If you learned to fly or just went up as a passenger between WW1 and 1930, chances are you did it in a Jenny...

This one is dedicated to an Early Barnstormer named Harlan " Bud" Gurney.

Bud (and a skinny young fella named Lindbergh?) flew together as Barnstormers, wing walkers and parachute jumpers when they werent Flying the Mail for The Robertson Aircraft Company....The Golden age of aviation, flying by the seat of your pants...Dangerous stuff for sure.

But old Bud beat the odds and lived to the ripe old age 77, and while his partner "Slim" went on to become famous, they both knew who the better Pilot was!

Many, many thanks to Technoid for this beautiful new EA, and especially for his large format, roomy and easy to work with Color Scheme that came with it....I have several more Barnstorm and Military C/S's in the works for this Jenny, and it would not be possible without such a top-notch original color scheme to work from.

Be sure Normals Maps are set to "yes"


This color scheme requires:

Curtiss JN4-D2 Jenny_EA

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