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The Embraer EMB-312 Tucano, also known as the T-27 Tucano, is a Brazilian tandem seat basic trainer with counter-insurgency and close air support ability. It first flew in August of 1980 and is still used today by Brazil and many other South American nations along with the UK with their license built Shorts Tucano. This half scale rendition is a real treat to fly, with a top speed of about 140mph, or 280 scale speed, this is no speed demon, but can do basic aerobatics and can fly in formation with other aircraft. I added two cockpit cameras for the front and back seat. Both are able to look left and right with the three position switch, and the front seat can look up with the duel rates switch while the rear seat can look down with that same switch.

Under certain conditions in a high bank turn, rudder use will be necessary to keep the turn nice and straight.

This variant requires:

EMB-312 Tucano_EA

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