Fairchild Republic XF-15 Thundereagle_EA

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The Fairchild Republic XF-15 was a competitor for the 1967 USAF government request for proposal that ultimately led to the McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle. It was never prototyped; the republic factory was not as mechanized as McDonnell-Douglas factory and lost the contract there. The Fairchild Republic XF-15 was designed with the lessons of Vietnam in mind. engine separated so the damage/failure of one is less likely to damage the other. Also, lighter and more maneuverable and less reliant on beyond visual range missile engagements than the century fighters and other Vietnam era fighters/fighter-bombers.

a good video about this aircraft

normal 4 channel controls + flaps and retracts
the rf dual rates switch (switch A channel 5) drops the drop tank and missiles
air brakes open automatically at low throttle and close as throttle advance