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Fairey Swordfish

The Fairey Swordfish was a torpedo bomber built by the Fairey Aviation Company and used by the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy during World War II. Affectionately known as the Stringbag by its crews, it was outdated by 1939, but achieved some spectacular successes during the war, notably the destruction of the Regia Marina (the Italian Navy) in the Battle of Taranto and the famous crippling of the Bismarck. It was operated primarily as a fleet attack aircraft, however, during its later years it was also used as an anti-submarine and training craft. Designed in the 1930s, the Swordfish outlived several types intended to replace it and remained in frontline service through to the end of the war in Europe in 1945.

The Realflight model is a 1:5.5 scale model of the full size with a wingspan of 103 inches and an AUW of just under 33lbs.
Like the full size it has folding wings which are operated via the 3 pos switch.

Near Position=Wings extended and locked
Middle Position=Wing retaining clamps are released
Far Position=Wings folded

It also has a movable rear machine gun which works with the rudder and elevator and top wing slats which work via the Rotory Knob.
The Torpedo is droppable via the top right switch and the contra rotating propellers even turn when released.
In the cockpit the rudder pedals and flight yoke work as you would expect and the throttle lever works aswell.

Made for the George Miller Design Contest 2008
3d model,colourscheme and flight physics by Mark(Inky00)England
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