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Flying Anvil

I'm having too much dumb fun with this EA that I decided it is actually worth sharing.

To launch the anvil, flip the channel 7 (smoke) switch. If launched from level ground, the anvil will land close or right on center from the initial launch position. This took some time to balance out the thruster location, so the physics actually did require a bit of work.

If the anvil is loaded with the smoke switch already up, then it will shoot off in a sharp arc spinning wildly. As with any dynamic object, it will slide on sloped ground.

Have fun.

***Realflight is both a sim and a game. Why else would there be combat, grapple hooks, 3D airports etc.? To me, Realflight is a sandbox piece of software which users can customize. I took the time to learn to model, and I take a great deal of time to make elaborate and detailed creations for free for a community to enjoy, so I will do as I wish so long as I'm having fun, and make flying anvils, model rockets and whatever else comes to my imagination. If you don't like it, then don't download it.

I don't mind a lower rating. It only bothers me when it is done for spite. If my physics or model is inaccurate/crap, then rate low and comment how the physics or model can be improved.

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