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Please enjoy the model!!

Here is some information about the model if you haven't been following along with the build thread:

Normal controls for throttle, aileron, rudder and elevator.

Additional controls are:

Rotary Knob: Flaps
Right Hand Toggle: Retracts
3 Pos. Switch: Canopy (middle is closed, back and forward are open)

Things to look for on model:
-Control stick in cockpit is controlled by both aileron and elevator inputs on the controller.

-Rudder pedals in cockpit are controlled by rudder input on controller.

-Canopy lever (wheel) in cockpit rotates while canopy is in motion (3 Pos. Switch)

-Cowl vents (3 per side) open and close with throttle inputs

3D Model: pplace
Flight Physics: pplace
Color Scheme: pplace

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