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The R-2 was built for the Bendix Trophy race (cross country racing), but it was thought that it would be a strong contender in pylon racing as well. The 1932 R-2 was powered by the very same Pratt & Whitney R985 that had powered the 1931 Model Z, rated at 535hp. The R985 engine had a diameter of 45-3/4" and a frontal area of 11.42 sq.ft. This allowed the R-2 to have a more streamlined cowling and come closer to the ideal teardrop shape.

1/4 scale model of 1932 Gee Bee R-2
The model has a scale "Max Level Speed" (64mph) that matches the full scale "Max Level Speed" (257mph)

3D Model: pplace
Color Scheme: pplace
Flight Physics: opjose (Flies very nice on low rates)
Special thanks to dhk79 for helping fix the fuse stringers to look correct.

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