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Here is the Gotha G.IV heavy bomber of WWI. The earlier G.III required the rear gunner to switch between firing the dorsal and ventral guns which was not efficient. The G.IV improved on the G.III by adding the "Gotha Tunnel" allowing the rear gunner to quickly fire at targets below the airplane by aiming his dorsal gun down into the tunnel thus eliminating the ventral gun. (Though there was still provision to mount one if desired)

The plane could carry up to 1,100 pounds of bombs (500 kg). I've put a bomb load of 9 bombs on the model, I'm not familiar with WWI German bomb weights but let's assume:

1 200kg
4 50kg
4 25kg

By request, the bomb drops are "staggered", i.e. flip the switch and they release 1 at a time in a "string" instead of all at once. Also, I've added 3 different drops - the 50kg bombs are released with the upper-right switch, the 25kg bombs are released with the 3-position switch centered, and the 200kg bomb is released with 3-position up. So you can do 3 different bomb runs in 1 flight :D

Bomb Controls:

Set top-right switch AWAY from you and 3-position switch DOWN before flying

50kg bombs: Top-right switch, pull switch TOWARD you to release
25kg bombs: Flip 3-position switch to CENTER to release
200kg bomb: Flip 3-position switch to UP to release


Visual model: DirtyHarry3033
Physics model: DirtyHarry3033
CS: DirtyHarry3033

Notes: I've noticed a MASSIVE drop in FPS several times when landing after doing a bomb drop, i.e. going from 120 fps to 25 fps on final just before touchdown. Most times it doesn't happen, I don't know if it's an RF issue, an issue with the model, or an issue with my PC. Just be warned ;)

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