Dornier Do-335 A-12_EA

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This is an updated EA of the Do-335 A-12, there were some problems with the flight model and 3D mesh that escaped my attention before :( Many thanks to willsonman for calling the physics issue to my attention, and to flip3d for tips on how to correct. The original model had a bad tendancy to yaw and roll left, she should now fly nicely straight and level and be a bit faster.

This is a modification of my Do-335 A-0 Pfeil, converted by request of several of you guys into the 2-seat A-12 trainer version.

The flight model is unchanged with the exception that I borrowed an idea from willsonman's DB 609 to have the brakes applied slightly when throttle is at 0%. Brakes can still be controlled with down elevator at low throttle settings. I did this because the original model had a bad habit of starting to roll again as soon as you released brakes.

The CS is the same except for a new tail number, no call signs on fuse or bottom of wing, and a bare-metal finish on the underside and nose. This is my 1st attempt at a bare-metal finish, so cut me some slack It looks OK from some angles, not OK from others.