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Per a request from DonaldT: The Hangar 9 Arrow physics.
Note the real world and this G4.x model behaviour exhibit these quirks....

- Plane noses down on full rudder deflect at level flight
- Plane requires a lot of down elevator inverted.
- Plane unable to loop from inverted level flight.
- Plane able to loop from upright flight.
- Loops do not cause out of round at speed.
- Plane will practically land itself with a bit of back stick
- Students have ample time after dead stick
- Plane climbs at full throttle
- Roll rates are mild
- Full throttle poweroff does not cause instant decent.
- Avistar airfoil incorrect ( Clark Y is used ).
- PTS .455 engine used maxes out at 14K RPM in flight
- PTS measured power correct w/11x6 prop.
- Plane cannot climb vertically straight up.
- Gear and component strengths closer to observed.
- Max airspeed correct.


This is a wonderful trainer that I have used with many students. It is slightly faster than the Alpha, but still exhibits many of the same characteristics.

Note to AV creators.

If you take a real plane, hold it 6 feet in the air in front of you and let it drop to the ground, will it's gear break?

If so ( or not ) the AV should do likewise.

--- Original Variant by Flip3D ---
--- Adjustments by Opjose -----

This variant requires: