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Precision Aerobatics Addiction X setup for G6.

DemonGti did a wonderful job with the color schemes for the Addiction X ( I recommend you download them! ).

However the variant posted before is merely a rescale of my original Addiction ( non-X ) physics, which produces unrealistic flight characteristics on the larger Addiction X.

This AV brings the full iPas setup to the Addiction-X with a high fidelity physics model that reflects the properties and handling of the real Addiction-X. You'll even find some of the quirks this plane has in the real world, exhibited in the sim.

The Addiction-X is an incredible 3D flyer. It's ultra low wing loading and high thrust Vox prop, with a light motor setup makes for an agile plane capable of very slow flight. Powered only by a 3S 2200mAh 25-30c pack, the Thrust 40 motor pulls the plane around with authority when coupled with the VOX T40-X prop that is made specifically for the Addiction-X.

It is one of my favorite planes to haul out to the field when the winds are light.


Note: Check out the first and third picture. Is it live or not? ;)

This variant requires:

PA Addiction_EA

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