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Sorry guy's I had the expo during rate's set way to hight on this thing.. So if you just dampen them down on the hight rate setting to like 30 I think you will like it better.

Prescision Aerobatics Addiction

By: Erik Peterson AKA: Keylitho

This is the updated version of the Addiction with fixed collison mesh so it doesn't hop arround on take off, The tail physics are actual now, and it has flap mixing added via the 3-POS switch.

I know there are some issuse with the Collision Meshes but I had no more poly's and the Model would suffer if I removed any more. The only Collision mesh that changed was the rear wheel mesh - so it doesn't hop on takeoff.

Special thanks to Opjose for great AV as a guidline for this version.

And don't forget to grab your favorite CS

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