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THIS IS AN UPDATE TO THE ORIGINAL V-22 HMX-1 CS TO ADD RELECTIONS. (The President's aircraft are highly polished!). Just download this CS and replace the original if you previously downloaded this CS...

This is a color scheme developed for use if the V-22 had been used as a Presidential Transport, as part of the Marine Corps fleet of Presidential helicopters (HMX-1). The V-22 was flown to Washington D.C. and landed on the White House lawn to test its fit for the President, however the massive prop downwash destroyed plants and bushes, and the engine exhaust (being straight down in helo mode) burned large areas of the lawn...not good.

Thus the Opsrey was not selected as a candidate for future Presidential transportation, and the color scheme was never painted onto a real aircraft.

I have removed many of the rivets from the scheme as the V-22 was a carbon composite skinned aircraft (much like fiberglass) and was 'glued' together. There were very few rivets used. Some were used on the engine nacelles and I left them on the access panels as they simulated the screws used to hold the panels on.

Thanks to 'Inky' for an outstanding aircraft, and for his repaint file for those of us wishing to create additional color schems. Great Work Inky!!!

This color scheme requires:

V-22 Osprey_EA
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