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Hey there! Enjoying my RealFlight models? Consider checking out AccuRC 2. If you like my models for RF, you'll love my work for AccuRC.


minicopter Diabolo

Exclusively for RealFlight G7 with a total poly-count of 26.999, the minicopter Diabolo!
-Complete sound from the first few revolutions up to 2150 rpm
-Fine details such as modeled gears, cables, sealing strip, ball bearings and many more
-Full usage of the RF lighting engine for eg. high-specularity aluminium (Thanks to oneeyejack for explaining this to me! :))
-Completely animated mechanics
-Custom DH711* main rotor blades
-Canopy release function on channel 6
-Almost completely cured precession-bug

This is by far my most detailed and best flying model yet. Thanks to Sascha Haber, Miles Dunkel and Ron Steven for helping me making this heli as good as it is! And special thanks to Simon Steensen for the sound recordings!

Jonas :)

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