(my)Sikorsky X2_HM_EG2_New_ Rotor GovII_AV

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My second variant of the herc40/Doug Schluter Sikorsky X-2 Demonstrator downloaded in 2009 originally for RF 4.5.
I'm not really versed on helicopter technology, but was intrigued by the 300MPH+ variants being promoted by Sikorsky. Thought I would use this model to honor that achievement.
This variant is 140+ MPH with some refinements from the first variant.

InterLink - X controls:
* Ch8 - 3 position switch down = idle, mid = medium rotor speed, Up = high rotor speed
* Ch6 Rotary - 1/4 turn starts engines/systems ... further turning increases idle. At full CW, the rotors will be partly engaged and slowly turn.
* Ch7 - 2 position sw - Retracts , Down = Down
* Ch 5 - 2 position switch (Dual Rates) = Pusher prop engaged.
* Ch 8 Slider = Gatling Gun (Up) Rockets Down middle = no firing.
* Brakes on Up Elevator (Pitch)

* Weapons are not operative with landing gear down or engines off.
* To get the aircraft past 70 MPH, the Collective Pitch and Rotor Speed is reduced automatically with Airspeed.
* Reduce Rotor Speed to Idle and engage Pusher Prop to Taxi.
* Negative Collective provided ... Will fly inverted ... not really aerobatic.
* Without rear rotor, Yaw provided by difference in the two Rotor Speeds. Works at Low speed until Rudder becomes effective in forward flight. Somewhat lacking in between.

* The model was not provided with missile capability, so I simulate it. The gear doors partially open , a invisible rack protrudes, and two missiles fire. Five sets will fire at ~1.5 second intervals if trigger remains engaged, then the system needs recycled for the weapons cassette to be filled. Regardless if you fire one or five, each cycle provides 5 releases until 25 missiles sets are consumed.
* Gatling gun fires continuous with engagement until depleting 2500 rounds at ~ 5/sec with tracers = 8+ minutes of firing (a lot) . Barrel(s) do not melt !! ??

This variant requires:

Sikorsky X2_EA