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A variant to represent the Parkzone Radian Pro.

I did my best to make this fly like the real thing. The battery capacity has been increased to reflect realistic flight times, the propeller and motor have been adjusted to be more accurate, and of course the addition of ailerons and flaps. I've also edited the shape of the wing to reflect the true to life model (Through the physics of the plane, not visually).

The flaps can be activated by putting the 3-pos switch in the down position. This also activates some down elevator to prevent the plane from ballooning.

I've added a few camera views, based on placements I've used on my actual Radian Pro.

Unfortunately, the flaps and ailerons are not visible so you'll have to use your imagination.

Download the Radian Pro color scheme to complete the experience!

This variant requires:

Parkzone Radian_EA
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