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The Le Fish is an unpowered slope glider, designed by Steve Lange of slopeaerobatics.com. It is a 60" EPP plane, intended for Ultrabatics, or VTPR aerobatics ("aerobatics very close to the ground"). With 180 degree range of movement on the elevator, this plane is capable of some very unique manuevers.

3D Model ............ Boof69 / Inky00
Physics .............. 3-DMan
Colorschemes ...... mcphatty / Inky00

Exclusive permission to release this plane was given by Steve Lange of www.slopeaerobatics.com

This plane performs best at Sierra Nevada Cliff with winds around 7-12 mph. Be sure to have your throttle in the neutral position for normal flight and to pull back (or push forward) on both the elevator and the throttle in order to perform snap flips effectively.
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