Powered Paraglider Gunner_EA

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Gunner Paraglider without 30ft long laser CS_GLOW object. The laser version of this paraglider is fun, but the laser is an actual object which ends up interacting with objects restricting movement in certain places. Having this object absent allows more freedom of travel and no issues tracking the model when viewed up close from pilot spawn point.

Other than no laser, this version incorporates a few changes to the physics. Fuselage components are associated with the basic objects enabling more things to break off such as the legs, head, parachute, etc. The arms move a little, but don't really make any sense.

No real exciting enhancements, but I like this version more during the day. Most people will probably use this during the day anyhow.

***(.......bad; ........good; "............In between" is up for auction. Anyone?)

LOL Too funny Helo Hero. ".....good." LOL.