Prometheus Smokie 3D_AV

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This is set up a bit more 3D like. It also has a lot of heavy smoke to make it a little more realistic looking (but I haven't figured out how to change it so that the prop doesn't push the smoke near the tail so far out behind the plane). The smoke near the tail is activated when rudder input is used (smoke amount).
I also made some changes to the pilot head so that if you take off like Skip Stewart typically does (or for ribbon cuts, etc), the pilot head looks a bit more like his does (turned and rotated).
This has got to be one of the best models (the original ...not my variant) ....great work and thank you guys (polypoke and twoeleven) for putting in the time and effort.

I forgot that I had to put in a complex control for channel 1 (software radio section)...My Interlink pegs full left trim, so with the complex control, I bumped the center right (meaning you may need a lot of left trimming) ...just go in there and center the middle point...(I think I did it on this AV (I have a few for this model) ).

Edit Airplane
-> Software Radio
-> Output Channel 1
-> Input
...In rt section of editor, click the 3 dots next to Curve and move the center point up to middle

Sorry about that hassle!

This variant requires: