Seawind RF 7-5 V2_AV

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Whether you fly it from land or select a water site, Great Planes’ beautiful 71" span sport-scale version of the Seawind home built is a winner. Its speedboat-shaped fiberglass fuselage lets you accelerate quickly onto the step for an easy takeoff. The wingtips do double duty, enhancing stability in flight and eliminating the need for external floats on the water. A boom mount puts the engine up high and away from spray created by takeoffs and touchdowns.

This aircraft features retractable gear, making it suitable for hard surface runways as well as water. The landing gear are controlled by the Retract switch (Channel 7).

Flaps are available on the Flap knob (Channel 6). Flap-to-elevator mixing is used to reduce pitch trim changes with the application of flaps.

Various mods for RF 7.5 enhance the performance.

Fly with the rate switch in the “High” position. For water operation use of flaps for takeoffs / landings is recommended.

This variant requires: