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It’s no secret that time spent on Real flight will vastly improve your flying skills. For myself, the ability to see what others are capable of has driven me to become the pilot that I am today. It is my hope that by showcasing the very best of the best, the next generation of super pilots will become inspired. Ok flyers, let’s see what you’ve got!

I am putting out a challenge to all the other hot shot pilots out there. Come on out and show your stuff. I’ve witnessed some pretty impressive flyers in my time on Real flight and now I encourage you to document it, and show it to others. Record your practice sessions and upload your very best here on the swaps. Combat, Aerobatics, Obstacle, Formation Flying, 3D Heli, all are welcome and the sky is the limit. Don’t forget to give your file a custom name.

I’m calling on folks like the sky writing Mad Ros. Obstacle course champion Aero. Aerobatics master Buster. Heli pro Al. Combat junkies like Hector, Hawk, Buzz, RL, RC, Chuck IV, Cas, Havoc and Tinman, to name just a few.

To view this recording, you need to also have downloaded the custom airport “buzz’s Boneyard final cut” One of my favourites and a true staple for combat fighting. (Search Author Harold Hoskins or copy and paste this link)

https://forums.realflight.com/index.php?resources/13077 )

Choose f3 for chase view or for those of you with a really strong stomach, f2 nose view. This was a 6 min 13 sec flight and ended with a prop strike and a dead stick landing.

Here’s a tip, you can use your microphone and the speech recognition program in Windows to hit keyboard buttons and record your flights while keeping both hands on the transmitter. Activate the speech recognition program and say the words “press ®” into the mic, to cycle the record gadget on/off. This can also be used to capture hands free screen shots by saying the words “press tab”. Other game functions can be navigated in this way as well. It’s cool, check it out.

Happy flying to you all, and may your only crashes…… be the ones with the red reset button. :)
Your friend
Full Throttle.

P.S. Please feel free to come back after viewing to rate this file and/or leave a comment.

This recording requires:

P-51 Mustang from RealFlight G4
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