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After a long haul, the Turbine Toucan is born. As my second build, this one was a true learning experience. I tried to incorporate some details I haven't seen much of, if any, from the swap content. THIS DOES NOT HAVE A TURBINE ENGINE. Its powered by an OS 300 twin.

Animated servos give this bird a true RC look to go with some pretty wild physics for hopefully all your 3D needs. Another feature is the breaking tail. Nose it in, or tap the tail too hard, and it breaks off, losing all tail control. It will also break if you can manage to land hard enough, but then you have done something. Dont like the helmet in the cockpit? Rotate the knob for a new one.

All controls are standard controls, except the flaps knob, which I just mentioned works the pilot. A big thank you goes out to the following for their involvement:
Flight Physics-Boof69
Graphics supplied by-bmz_loop
Animations, CS, and 3D model by-abaser
Constant email, phone, text, and forum assistance-jeffpn
Most shocking photo and Normal map tutoring-Maj.Numbskully
And to all those who have offered assistance that I haven't thought of.........Thank You Too!!

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