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thrust and strength incresed to provide higher speeds

Not so long ago, at an RC field fairly close by...

For Star Wars fans, here is the T-65 X-wing starfighter manufactured by Incom Corporation. This model represents Luke Skywalker's Red 5.


- S-foils can be set to 3 positions
- Laser cannon, S-foils and engines can break off separately
- VTOL, with STOL and rolling takeoffs/landings added by request
- R2D2's head rotates with rudder
- Lighted instrument panel, engines, R2D2 and strobe/anticollision for night flying

Flight Controls:

3-position switch - Open/close S-foils. Down = closed, center = open 15 deg, up = open 30 deg
Left switch - Dual rates
Right switch - Landing gear
Knob - Turbine thrust, fully clockwise = vertical, fully counterclockwise = horizontal


3D Model - DirtyHarry3033, with thanks to dhk79 for providing a "freebie" 3D model of the X-wing that I used as reference for areas that were not clear in my 3-views. I did NOT use any parts from this model, all the 3D work is mine.

Rockonmyfriend - modding the aircraft for high speeds

"Luke" figure - Herc40, with posing, modifications and mapping by DirtyHarry3033

CS - DirtyHarry3033, based on pics of of EFX Collectibles studio-scale X-wing

Physics - DirtyHarry3033, based loosely on G4.5 Harrier model

Enjoy, and may the force be with you :)

This variant requires:

Incom T-65_EA
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