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XFX-2 Waterfall is a hypothetical VTOL Tail designed to continue the development of Lockheed XFV-1 Salmon, Goodyear XF3G-1, Martin XFM-1, Convair XFY-1 Pogo, and Northrop XF3T-1 two of which were prototyped and the other three were designs only. the main problem becides engine deficencies which could be fixed with newer more powerful engines, were extremely poor visibilty on landing and the tendancy to climb alot during the transition from forward flight to hover. I fixed the former by having the pilot ina more natural position for takeoff and landing and the later with relaxed stability and fly by wire controls.

The aircraft is designed for point defence of transocean shiping convoys being able to takeoff and land on a ship, and defend it from enemy air attack. Although the pilots excelent visibilty of the ground (water) could prove useful in anti submarine duties.

The pilots head is designed to look around with the left slider on the interlink dx. you may need to move it if you are using a different remote. I would recomend a proportional channel but a three postion could work as well.

The retracts switch opens the canopy

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