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WITH INVASION STRIPES! ASJ informed me that the stripes on this version are closer to real world aircraft, because the stripes that go around the "fuselage"😂 are oriented left-to-right instead of front-to-back. 🦓😊

he has provided a front-to-back CS here:

This update gives even greater flexibility to create color schemes. Now we can even paint the wing cones. (Which is totally the technical term for those totally-realistic, real-world things on the ends of the wings.)

I am already discovering that uploading multiple versions of the same base EA is challenging. If you have trouble with this version of zplane, please try:
  1. Select any aircraft EXCEPT a zplane
  2. Go to Aircraft>Select Aircraft...
  3. Delete any current zplanes by right-clicking on them and select Delete
  4. Import this one.