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Hi everyone,

I've been playing around with G5.5, I'm really pleased to see bungee and aero tow as options for launching gliders.

I've been able to put a bungee launch into my scene, however cannot work out how to add an aero tow.

I'm keen to know:
* can this be done?
* can I choose the path the towing plane will take?
* can I choose the type of the towing plane?

Anyone have some suggestions?


ps: if you're interested to know, the map I'm working on is this -
Yes, this can be done! Here's how:
  1. Load the desired custom airport.
  2. Load the desired tow plane.
  3. Press 'R' to start recording.
  4. Fly the desired tow route.
  5. Press 'R' again to end the recording whenever you like, whether in mid-air or after landing.
  6. Pay attention to the name of the recording that is written out (RealFlight will tell you in the bottom left corner of the screen).
  7. Exit the sim.
  8. Go to <Documents>\RealFlight G5\Recordings\ and locate the recording you just made.
  9. Rename the recording to "Aero Tow - <Airport Name>.recording". For example, if I were creating an aero tow recording for a modified version of Evergreen Airport called Evergreen Airport 2, I would rename my recording "Aero Tow - Evergreen Airport 2.recording".
  10. Start RealFlight and load an aero-tow compatible aircraft to test your new tow plane recording.

Things to know and helpful hints:
  • It is best to make a few practice runs before attempting the recording.
  • The initial position and orientation of the tow plane governs the spawn position and orientation of the glider. The glider is spawned 100 feet straight to the rear of the tow plane. This means if the tow plane is not aligned with the runway, then the glider will be off to one side. If the tow plane is too near the beginning of the runway, then the glider may be off in the grass or worse. Depending on the airport, you'll probably need to taxi forward a bit before beginning the recording.
  • Once you find a good beginning spot (see above), use the Remember Aircraft Position feature to make it easier to start over again if you botch an attempt.
  • The variometer gadget is a valuable aid when trying to maintain a consistent climb rate.
  • You cannot override recordings for stock airports, but there's nothing to stop you from saving that airport under a different name without changing anything about it, making a new custom recording for it, and flying at that version of the airport whenever you want to use aero tow.
  • Only one aero tow per airport is supported.

Have fun!
Aero Tow

I have done what the instructions above say, but I choose the sailplane, i.e. the 97 and it still goes to the default tow plane (Piper Cub) even when I choose the recording. What am I missing? HELP !!! Thanks for your help.
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Did you first make a copy of the airport? You cannot over ride the tow on a stock airport. Also what do you mean by "even when I choose the recording"? You do not need to choose the recording, you just load a sail plane that will use a tow.
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Aero Tow Problem still.

Ok I did what you said above.
1. I renamed Grass Flatland Airport: Grass Flats (Aero Tow)
2. I created a recording with the Decathlon.

Now it says no aero tow available at this airport.

Other problems....
When I am creating an airport to zoom I cannot use the + key. I have to hit zoom and then go back and hit View or file or anything at the top before the screen will zoom.

I also have to go to the top to start recording, The "R" for recording was working and then stopped as did the +.
No recording is needed to replay. You just save the recording, with the correct name for the airport, in the recordings folder. It will replay with your tow whenever you hit the red button.

This is a tow through the Obstacle Course that I created four months ago when the Tow capability first came out. Import the AP file as usual and save the recording to: My Documents\RealFlight G5\Recordings.


  • Obstacle Course - Tow_AP.RFX
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  • Aero Tow - Obstacle Course - Tow.recording
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Where is the help for all the money we spent.

Still waiting on a reply for the above question.. and where are all the Knife Edge errors coming from and booting us off multi play?
This is a user forum not tech support.

Call tech support if you want help:

As far as error's and being booted, post a system dump.

Give us the error codes, take screen shots etc.

Your being very vague.

How are we (users like you) suppose to know what error's your seeing?
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Glider Pilot said:
Still waiting on a reply for the above question.. and where are all the Knife Edge errors coming from and booting us off multi play?
:confused: What question are you still waiting to be answered? Everything I read has been addressed and you never noted any multi-player errors on this thread.
You also have to have a glider w/ tow hook available, there is another recent thread that explains how to add one if it is not available in the glider you like to fly.
Aero Tow...

I know about the tow hook and the various ways to make planes launch. What is the red "Button" you are talking about?
The red button is the restart button on your Interlink, if your Interlink came with G4 or G5. Otherwise, just hit the space bar.
Still having problems. G5.5 Aero Tow

I know what red button you are talking about. I was using the tool bar under select aircraft. (same out come).
1. I took a photo field.. renamed it. i.e. Grass Flatlands and renamed it: Aero Tow Grass Flat Lands. Also did the same with Evergreen.
2. Recorded the decathlon I scaled up. Saved the recording and renamed it: Aero Tow_ Grass Flatlands... etc.
went to the field, selected the 97 Sailplane I scaled up and the screen say no aero tow available at this field.

The recording of the Decathlon works fine. The sailplane hooks to the bungee. I the setting for the sailplane it says tow hook and method of launch says aero tow.

What am I missing now???
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What were the EXACT NAMES you used. From what you typed, it looks like you have an extra space. Best option is to post screen shots of your directories, so we can spot the error.

EDIT: It is also a hyphen and not an underscore in the recording's name.
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In the example above by Ryan, he uses a hyphen, not an underscore. You show an underscore.
How? Aero Tow.

How do I post a screen shot? I tried to copy and paste it into here. one things after another... can't find that in the instructions either.
There's a button below the button you hit to submit your reply. The button you need says 'Manage Attachments.'