Any new AMD Graphics card issues information.


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i havn't crashed since switching to intel-dxvk-fix, but i am on the January AMD driver - as its working im not in a hurry to update

I'v had to update my AMD adrenaline driver (unrelated - only for the EA launcher app) to 23.5.1 and I'm still working fine in RF Evo. I can see there is a June release ready but as Im working ok, no rush to move onto this one.

Finally the stability team red has been waiting for? Lets hope it stays this way


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I'm glad you've made progress and are able to run now!

Strictly speaking, a 3D airport is not required for VR, it's just that PhotoFields are not able to provide the full benefits of VR due to their two-dimensional nature. So, 3D airports are recommended for the best experience, but you can still load PhotoFields in VR if you want. They do still work.

As far as launching RealFlight in VR mode, assuming everything is set up correctly on the Oculus side of things, it should simply be a matter of selecting the correct launch option for your VR setup after you have clicked the Play button in Steam. If you're selecting the same option each time but getting inconsistent results, that is confusing and incorrect behavior. It is worth pointing out that Steam gives you the option to say "Use this launch option every time and stop asking me". If you happen to have done that, it's probably best to undo it since it sounds like you do in fact want to run in different modes at different times. If you need help with that just ask; it's easy to change.

Re: controller setup, for your DX8 you should be able to just select the "Spektrum Receiver (7+ ch)" radio profile from the dropdown list in the controller menu and be done as far as RealFlight is concerned. It is already configured for you to support that radio. You may need to do some work on your TX though to set up a basic model in memory if you haven't already done so.
Either you misinterpreted my post or I didn't explain in a manner you could understand, but I have no desire to use 2D (photorealistic) fields through a headset. Of course I can, but to me I would rather use a flatscreen for that experience since frame rates are improved as well as visual fidelity.

Controller mapping is a different story. I have no problem with basic controls and programmed flight modes, flaps, gear and such. It's the program controls like being able to use the bind/trainer button for reset and other unused switches for menu navigation. I still have switches available but under calibration they don't show any movement, so I guess they aren't mapped at all by default and I haven't figured out how to make them active for calibration purposes and ultimately usable within the sim for menu navigation. I hope that makes sense. And yes, from the beginning I have used the Spektrum Receiver (7+ch) and that was the default that RF recommended from the beginning. I considered breaking down and getting the Interlink DX controller, but a corded experience is anathema to me. Just something I don't want to do.

This is still a great upgrade for me, but as a flat screen experience and not a VR experience. So I have no regrets with the program, it just isn't what I expected as a 3D experience.