Changing plane characteristics


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Hi everyone,
First time with a flight simulator and have a question about evolution. Particularly about how a plane flies.
I’m flying the Draco plane but it doesn’t roll, flip or invert. Anytime I let off controls, it self stabilizes.
Any way to change how the Draco flies for full control?


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The Draco, like many other Horizon-branded airplanes, has a configuration in the receiver called SAFE Select. SAFE Select gives the plane two different flight modes - one where SAFE features including self-level and bank angle limits are turned on, and another where SAFE features are off and the plane flies freely with AS3X stabilization.

To answer your question, you need to be able to change flight modes in RF.

One way to do that is to configure a switch on your transmitter for that function. While SAFE Select only has two effective modes, some planes may have three modes, so the flight mode switch is typically a three position switch. On the InterLink DX, that's switch B. If you're using a different controller, you would want to map a switch on your transmitter to RealFlight Channel 8 (Mode) in the Controller Profile.

The other way is to take advantage of the fact that RealFlight Channels 5-9 have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them (y, u, i, o, p respectively). You can use the o key to toggle modes. To get a reminder about which channel goes with which key, you can turn on the Radio Gadget and it displays that info all the time. In the new Evo menu, press ESC, then Settings, then User Interface, then Gadgets, and turn on Radio. In the legacy menu (if you have that turned on), go to the Gadgets menu and check Radio to turn it on.


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Thanks for the info! Such an easy fix. There is so much more I need to learn about this simulator. I really like it.