dx6e set up


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hello, I'm a noob and need some help please. I have a dx6e and the ws2000 dongle with trainer edition steam download. Can't get my tx to work properly, have tried numerous different settings with no luck. Can somebody please help. I am trying to fly the 230s helicopter but controls just aren't working correctly. Thank you
I'm having a similar problem with the Trainer version. I've installed the program, along with STEAM, and the Simulator pops right up but won't connect to my controller. The plane just sits there, unless I use the keyboard, then it'll do donuts on the runway. I've bound my controller to the dongle, which has a steady red light, just like it should. What did you end up doing?
The problem with "the plane just sits there" is pretty common and related to video hardware. It's happening to people who have a reasonably new computer with only Intel-based integrated graphics - no extra graphics from nVidia or AMD.

Information in this thread may help you.