Flettner 282 Kolibri Build


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how could anybody dislike anything about that. 😄

have you mentioned that previously? I remember you mentioning an XF-15 but not a Thunder Eagle.

edit: I'm answering myself by saying that you probably recently named it Thunder Eagle.
f-15 eagle
Republic uses thunder-something a lot: thunderbolt, thunderjet, thunderceptor, thunderwarroir, thunderscreech, thunderflash, thunderchief, thunderstreak, and thunderbolt II. a non-aircraft from republic got thunder as well thunderbug it is a copy of a V-1 buzzbomb.
thunder eagle which seems like an appropriate name. Do we know what the finale name would be? no but is seems like a good guess. Also, the guy in the below video talks about being a son of republic engineer. In a f-105 video he talked about the naming of the thunder "chief" and the description called it a Thunder eagle.



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Love the radial engine detail and the opening cowl panels (channel 7 switch)
The Flettner fly's even better than before, easier to hover and also now the model will fly backwards, very stable.
The only problem I noticed is that I had the Vstab detach itself midair a couple of times.
The pilot and observer are great additions, they really give the model the real-world look, Excellent work Legoman.