Flying Sub 1


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While there are still real world models in the works being jointly developed with their RF8 versions, it's time to work on a non real world model-- the Flying Sub from the Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea TV series.

Technically, it is both real (a real model was made for the studio shots) and not real (it never actually flew).

The RF 8 model is based on the last version of the studio model, being modified with retractable landing gear. It was to be used in the third season, but that season was cancelled.

This model was started long ago, but at the time I hit a few snags.

1. Really wanted to add some good detail, including the interior, but started to run out of triangles. Now, custom content creators have many more!
Actually, that may be a mute point because I don't know if the interior would be visible in RF. Maybe glow objects??

2. The retract sequence is the breaker on this model. The wheels have to:
A. Rotate from vertical to flat in the gear door
B. Then slide linearly up the gear door to clear the FS-1 lower body
C. Then the gear door closes

So, a few challenges to go.

As the physical shape will never fly, the FS-1 will have a conventional airplane physics, similar to dhk79’s Star Trek Shuttle (I think he used heli physics there).


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Thanks guys.

BD: That's how it started.
Of course the TV show ending picture tends to stress the plane a bit :)

Super cool. So I can land this on water right ? :rolleyes:


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Thanks UT. That is an amazing model. Also like how it starts with "not so long ago"-- is almost 10 years now!

I laughed too hard at this, then I realized that I remembered when this model was first released... I was there 10 years ago... :( :eek::p


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csgill75: Yep, the passing of time..
BD: I seem to remember reading an article that the manta ray was part of the design idea.

Low resolution (and MORE than 10 years ago :) ) but this the best LG retract animation clue I've found:

It looks like they compromised a bit in not adding the linear retract motion the original model had, but perhaps that was a limitation of FS2004.


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Wow. Longer than expected side track with the FT Bloody Baron build...

Time to return to the FS-1.
Most important challenge: quality retract animation. The rest are just verts. ;)


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From FT Bloody Baron to Flying Sub 1, one small step for man, one giant step for mankind.
Really looking forward to this model.


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Something like this?:D
No, I can't take full credit for the model.
Was looking into making a LEM a few years ago after seeing DHK79's Star Trek Shuttle, and found a free model that with some effort I got into Max. The number of triangles is huge. Was working on using it as a base to make a lower tri count the kex exporter required, and simplified it a bit. Tri count may be too high at 100k. Other issues are the lack of any experience with making heli physics or how to make a static model to place at an airport. Of course, what would really be needed is a lunar airport!
Well, a project for some other day. :)


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Put in a little time on the FS-1.
LG is better, and have worked mostly on the retract animation.
Still a mystery on how to get three sequenced motions:
1. Wheel rotates
2. Wheel slides up the door enough for clearance
3. Gear door closes

3, 2, 1 on lowering.

Have a start with 1 and 2, but it is not there yet. Will need to use the gear door NUP values to have the sequence operate in reverse when the gear is lowered I believe.
And have not looked into whether the linear motion control tracks along the angled door or can be part of a delayed retract sequence.
Just a first pass at it but technically, the mains DO retract.

Enjoy a great weekend and week.


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LOL .. that's not Sgt. Schultz. That's Arte Johnson from Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. (Yes I'm that old)