G2 Upgrading issues

Call tech support. They'll give you a link to update it. The G2 server is no longer up. Alternatively, if you have the AddOns 5 disc, installing it will update you to the latest available version. As far as the white screen problem, try turning off fog.
Can't upgrade G2

I own G2 and would like to be able to update it to the newest version. The update servers of course don't work.

Can someone please send me a link to the update file?

Thank you very much.

G2 Lite Add-on disk 5

Sounds like were all in the same trouble, my son has G2 lite and he bought a add on disk 5 from ebay and it wont install, after it tries to find a server that no longer is available, the control panel will show up, however when we click on the install add on option it doesn't do anything and the control panel disappears Really strange

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time...
Jeff....thanks for the reply, however the software instruction says it will work with G2 Lite, but just because it says it will obviously doesn't mean it will work!! any other ideas?
Tick, let me ask you: You have G2 Lite installed, and it runs fine? Your problem is strictly that you cannot get AddOns 5 to install? I was doing some research on your issue, and I was wrong before. I saw that the AddOns are compatible with G2 Lite. I'm surprised the AO tries to phone home. I do not recall that happening when I used to have G2. I thought only the main program phoned home, not the AddOns. Try calling tech support. If anybody has your answer, they would. https://forums.realflight.com/showthread.php?t=22007
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i was trying to upgrade my software. ive been out of training since i had kids so i was trying to update my g2, upgrades not working, i just found manual 7.23 up grade it worked if there is a later manual upgrade i would love to do that as well.
I didnt realize they had upgraded the program to g5 wow. I have purchased a align t-rex and wanted to fly something close any help would be great thanks
Any chance I can get a link to the G2 update too. A shot in the dark I know as this post is in reply to one made a few years back.