Helpful videos for RealFlight Evolution


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To see if your laptop is using the NVidia card, open the Nvidia Control panel, look at attached pictures and let us know what is displayed.


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OK - adding " showlegacymenu" to the script uncovered the menu's at the top.

And, this is a new laptop so I found out the GPU hadn't been configured. Once I did that, everything seems to work.

Now I just need to learn to fly.

Thanks to you both!


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If you do not need the menus at the top of the screen, simply press the Tilde key ~ to open the Console (it should work now) and type "showlegacymenu" and hit Enter, (that command will show or hide the menu bar) then press the Tilde key again to close the Console.
To open the new style menu, press the Esc key or the Cancel button on the DX controller.
Enjoy the Simulator.


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Thanks - got it. Can you direct me to a list of console commands? After I get a bit more familiar it may be an easier way to setup my own scenarios. Sure don't need it now --- just starting the basic training.


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Another console command is "help", which lists all of the commands with a short description of each.

Then you can also type "help" followed by a space and the name of another command for more information about that command.