Issues with Flying on the G2 Simulator

I'm brand new on these forums. I've been a user of RealFlight G2 since around 2004 or 5 or 6. I bought it a long time ago!

Back when I bought this thing, I was fairly new to the Internet, and I wasn't very organized with my data. Because I wasn't paying attention I managed to loose my email and password. Because that happened, I could no longer download the updates to it. These days I read that the severs to it is no longer online. However the Flight Simulator does kinda do what I wanted it for. It still allows me to get some extra stick time on the computer. But there are somethings about this Flight Simulator that has always driven me crazy.

1) I wanted to practice take offs and landings. Take offs don't seem to be realistic. A tail dragger will typically torque to the left, so I must give it some right rudder. On the Flight Simulator, there does not seem to be any engine torque.

2) The ground is too smooth. In real life grass run ways are bumpy, and not everyone has a perfectly smooth runway.

3) This may not be the fault of the simulator per say. I have always had perspective issues. In real life you have a big sky to look at. On the flight simulator you can only see what is in the computer frame. This has caused me to crash into objects because I couldn't see them in time. Another problem this causes me is with practicing stunts. In real life when I do stunts, I fly 2 or 3 mistakes high. If I do that on the flight simulator, I can't tell where I'm at. There have been many times I have come down, and found myself behind the flight line.

Maybe what I need from you, is a little instruction on how to deal with my issues. Do any of you know if the newer verses deal with these issues better? I think these flight simulators are kinda expensive. That is why I'm not eager to buy a newer one.


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Hi, Wecome,

1) Torque roll is modelled correctly as far as I can tell. I'm on RF9 version. If your plane is up to speed on take-off the torque is less noticable but it should edfinitely be there. To check, do a prop hang on a capable plane. If you need to give some right ail to stop the plane from rolling, you have torque modelled.

2) Bumpiness is certainly there. Maybe not realistic but definitely present.

3) 'Hard to see plane' issue is discussed with some good suggestions on using binocular, how the 3 zoom modes work, using NaviGuides and on scaling the graphics.