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Good afternoon, now it occurs to me to propose two planes: Hispano Aviación Buchón, which an artist could obtain from one of the ME-109s on offer.
And the CASA C-101, also for artists.


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inferno 11

REQUEST AIRCRAFT COLOR SCHEMES. ALL FOR B-17 FROM ADD ON PACK #3. b-17 "909", b-17 "Texas Raiders", b-17 "Sentimental Journey", b-17 "Aluminum Overcast". ill include pics below. would really appreciate it. i have pics of the aircraft & up close nose art pics


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Do you think that you can do the Agent's of Shield Zephyer One? Here's a multiview. The aircraft is a combat vtol btw. Thank you!


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Hi, Is there one already or can we get a Funjet that works in RF 9.5? The one posted in models says it needs the old funjet from expansion 7 but I can't find that model to support it.


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To the Maule M-7 and P-51 wishlist, I hope that the updated Carbon-Z Cub SS 2.1M with the flaperons will make an appearance soon!
The Carbon Z Cub SS 2.1m is my favorite model ( bar none ) ; I have rebuilt it once, and it is still my best flying model. I was really disappointed that the plane is missing from RealFlight9. If someone doesn't model it soon, I'm going to jump into the mix and attempt it myself. The main problem for me is that the learning curve is huge... but hey, you got to start somewhere, right ?