Request Aircraft Here!


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Ryan C. Archer said:
here are soe pics of the edge shocky, and the yak shocky that i just finished. hopefully if everything goes as planned maybe by this weekend. ryan :)
also, included is my version of the tensor 4d. ryan

Ryan, when can i get those planes.


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thanks, but already have that version

looking for a new model if anyone is making one to import

rcheliace Raptor 90 in pic


I would like a TOC Cap232 40% and a Eflite Patriote like the one I got and a electric chipmunk 400 EP I also have it the chipmunk is a Carl Goldburg models ARF


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I would live to see a proper Trex 450 mini e-heli (we are using a dolphin model now - not very convincing).

Along those same lines, some of the more popular micros: Blade CP, 3D Pro, Aplus 300 (nice CF and CNC), X3d, the upcoming Zoom Mini, etc.

Thanks for your consideration!


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hey guys this is my first post on KE and i would like to see the

H9 showtime
the GP U-Can-Do 46 and 120
the funtana mini,40,90
40% carden Extra 260
aeroworks ertra X300L



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I want to see ALL of the stable of model airplanes under the Great Planes umbrealla, in RealFlight.

And especially, the new P-6 Hawk and Beechcraft Staggerwing. :D


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I guess I will add my wishlist:

Zagi flyer
Stryker (hopped up, not base, from Parkzone)
Easy Star
Slow Stick
B2 bomber EDF (electric)
I would like to see more shockfliers, in general. :)


I'll give you guys a clue ;) You will greatly increase your odds of actually getting some of these planes built by providing links to either pics or a 3-view drawing of the actual models. 3D model makers need a scale top, side and front view of the models in order to make them.


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I would like to see at least some of the GWS models in G3. Like the Beaver, E-Starter, Slow Stick, and Formosa. Some of the GWS planes have FMS models that might be useful for reference. I tried making one of the existing planes at least fly like my Beaver, but not very successfully.